Postnatal Counseling – Breastfeeding

  • Counseling sessions  for women who have recently given birth. These sessions will be focused around your body’s changing caloric and nutrient needs during lactation.
  • Topics disccused will include how to select foods to keep you energized and hydrated as well as foods that may cause discomfort in your baby.

Postnatal Counseling – Losing the Baby Weight

  • Counseling sessions for women who are ready to move on to the weight-loss phase.  During these sessions we will work on making small tweaks to your diet to help you lose any lingering baby weight, allowing you to feel healthy and refreshed.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • A better understanding of the foods that work best for your body as a woman breastfeeding or trying to lose weight
  • Customized meal plans, meal ideas, and food preparation tips
  • Quick reference guides to keep you on track

To enhance your health journey you have the option to add on the following services to your appointments:

  • Grocery Store Tours
  • Kitchen Clean Outs/Restocking
  • Meal Preparation and Lessons

After giving birth, your body’s caloric needs will change yet again. Together we’ll figure out the right nutrient balance for you to feel nourished and energized as you breastfeed. For any lingering “baby weight” we’ll continue to adjust your nutrient intake to help you get back to a place of comfort in a practical and manageable way. Schedule an appointment now and we’ll create a personalized plan that is right for you!


mother with baby doing gymnastics and fitness exercises

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