Prenatal Counseling

  • Prenatal nutrition counseling sessions are tailored by trimester to help you achieve your calorie and nutrient goals throughout your pregnancy.
  • We’ll have regular check-ins to discuss morning sickness, food aversions, cravings, nutrient needs, snack ideas, foods to avoid, exercise safety and other issues as they arise during your pregnancy.
  • Each session will address a specific topic related to the changing nutrition needs in your pregnancy in addition to allowing you an opportunity to ask questions. Sessions can be scheduled at your desired frequency throughout each trimester (discounted rates apply for appointment packages).

What you’ll walk away with:

  • A better understanding of the foods that work best for your body as an expectant mother (who is not just eating for herself!)
  • Customized meal plans, meal ideas, and food preparation tips
  • Quick reference guides to keep you on track

To enhance your health journey you have the option to add on the following services to your appointments:

  • Grocery Store Tours
  • Kitchen Clean Outs/Restocking
  • Meal Preparation and Lessons

I will be a trusted resource for you during your 9 months to help you feel confident in your food choices. Schedule an appointment now and we’ll map out your personal pregnancy nutrition plan!



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