Let’s Work Together

Whether you are trying to conceive, in the middle of your pregnancy, or breastfeeding, nutrition counseling can help you to feel centered and more in-tune with your body.

In our sessions, we will map out a plan for how to achieve success with your long-term and short-term health goals. Each appointment will be tailored to meet your individual needs and will adjust as you move through your pregnancy.

Utilizing different appointment length and structure allows me to maximize our time together and optimize your results. Our initial visit will serve as the foundation for all future sessions. During this primary appointment we will lay important groundwork as we review health history, dietary habits, and your goals. Follow up sessions allow us to check in and use our time to get down to the details. During your pregnancy, we’ll use these sessions to address the changing needs of your body through each trimester. Phone and skype sessions are a great option for us to keep in touch between appointments. Phone sessions are especially convenient for those with packed schedules!



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